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 About Mt Hood Art Online and Frequently Asked Questions

Mt. Hood Art Online (MHAO) is a gallery and organization committed to fulfilling the needs of fine art patrons locally, regionally and world-wide by facilitating their interface with Northwest Oregon artists; furthering educational and promotional interests of area artists and supporting educational and the professional goals of local and regional art organizations.

Website Development

MHAO is continually updated to improve the visitors experience and encourage them to continue coming back to view new art. Our goal is to make it easy to browse and purchase online and to find local shows to view artists’ work near you. The website was rebuilt in early 2018 and officially re-launched April 29th 2018. 

New Artist Application

All interested artists are asked to complete the New Artist Application and a few key questions, your first five examples of your work that you would like to display on your personal gallery. These items are vital to consider you for acceptance. Please be sure to submit a series. The pieces must be of a consistent style, medium, and overall content. Once you submit your application, it will go to the members of the Mt. Hood Art Online Selection Committee who will review your information and artwork to determine if you are a good fit to the Mt Hood Art Online Gallery.

What are the benefits for Mt. Hood Art Online artist?

  • Artists have their own personal gallery within MHAO. Your work will be featured on multiple other pages and on our social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Artists’ work is exposed to a very large audience and while we cannot guarantee the sale of your art, MHAO leverages a network of art lovers to improve the likeliness of sales.  
  • MHAO Customers will have the convenience of purchasing artists work by using either a credit card or PayPal.

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How Does Art Get On The Site?

  • We will need specifics like your cost for an original, for a print, framed, unframed, dimensions, weight, etc. You will complete an Art Submission Form for each piece of art in your gallery.
  • Same for photography, and 3D works…we need all the specifics!

What kind of marketing does MHAO do for the artists?

Artists work is marketed through ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogs, Facebook, customer e-newsletter (now over 500 subscribers). If you are interested in presenting your process of making art in a short well-made video, MHAO will be happy to post that on the website. 

How do artists price their artwork?

Originals - Don’t underprice your art! Check with several sources to get an idea of value. On the other hand, if you want to move your art, don't overprice! We do offer resources to help artists with pricing their work. 


Print On Demand – This is offered to all artists who have 2D work and would like to take part in this incredible opportunity for residual income. The pricing of these pieces is set by MHAO to include printing, shipping, and a profit margin. 


How is artwork shipped?


At MHAO Shipping is included in 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) on all purchases made on the site. Free shipping is a huge selling point that influences the consumers decision to purchase by 80%.  Artists are encouraged to include this into the pricing of their originals. 


  • You will be responsible for shipping and insuring your artwork (originals, Giclee, or artists signed prints). *All sales are final on these pieces. 
  • All other prints ordered on the website will be printed and shipped through a third-party print on demand company.
  • Customers will be able to use a shopping cart on the site and they can pay using PayPal, debit, or credit card.

What Does The Membership Include?

-A personal artist page on the site as well as being added to the corresponding collections that match your medium. 

-Opportunity to be in all of our group shows throughout the local area surrounding Mt Hood. 

-A feature on the homepage of the website for your first month. 

-A promotion to our 500+ email newsletter subscribers growing by about 10% per month. 

-A paid promotion on our Facebook page (reach of over 1000 viewers). 

-20% discount to “I’ve been framed” in Portland (Extensive locally owned art supply shop)

After an artist is accepted by the Mt Hood Art Online selection committee they may submit up to 10 images with the initial gallery setup fee of $50.

Artists start with 10 images of their work and they get 5 additions/changes to their gallery every month for $25 per month.  These ongoing additions keep artists galleries fresh and they will be featured in the new arrivals area of the website and promoted in the customer newsletter.  Please contact us if you want details on other gallery options.   

While most brick and mortar galleries as well as big name online galleries require a 40-50% commission on artists’ original works, we at MHAO strive to keep our fees and commissions low so that the artists are paid what they are worth for the beautiful pieces of art they spend countless hours creating. 

At MHAO We Have An Artists First Mentality!


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MHAO History and Future

Mt Hood Art Online (MHAO), like all great things, was born out of necessity. Caryn Tilton, the founder of the site came up with the idea when taking a class by Beth Verheyden, the current president of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. She discovered many of her fellow classmates were fantastic artists but they all needed a little help marketing their work online. Caryn used her years as an entrepreneur and her expertise as a website developer to build an online gallery for her and her fellow artists to show and sell their work. 

Fast-forward to 2017, Caryn found herself running a thriving website with 20+ artists while also trying to keep up with her large family, newly retired husband, and caring for her mother.  She was ready to retire and made it known in the community that she was looking for someone to take over and continue to grow it. 

Colleen Chesbrough attended Portland State University as an art major. Experienced running an art gallery, she’s worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years.  Following her dreams to one day own a gallery, Colleen gladly accepted the opportunity to take over what is fondly now known as MHAO.   

With a strong foundation already built it hasn’t taken long for Colleen and her webmaster to update the website bringing it into the ecommerce world of sales. The site is capable of featuring a larger number of artists, taking all payment types, and offering print on demand (POD) prints of artists work in a variety of styles and prices.  These changes have taken the gallery out of the small-town market and placed it on the same level as the major online marketplaces. 

MHAO brings the national online gallery platform to the local artist and art patron and is eager to be part of bringing local art to the national market.

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