Suzi Blaisdell

I’m my parents’ daughter - they met in art school - and have always been particularly drawn to watercolors.  I’ve been indulging in this passion for the past 15+ years. My paintings are loosely representational because I’m not an ‘inside the lines’ painter.
I prefer painting on large sizes of paper so I don’t feel “crowded” during the process. Often I’ll let a painting develop wherever my whimsy leads me - even if it wasn’t where I intended to go originally! I also enjoy experimenting with different techniques and surfaces (such as clayboard). My subjects originate from photographs taken either by myself or by my husband, Art.
I’ve been a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon since 2002, and have exhibited in several of their juried shows, along with many local shows in the NW.
Suzi Blaisdell
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