Paul Roemer

I am in the studio every day. My paintings come from my love of storytelling. If you are looking to buy a painting that matches your couch, please don’t buy one of mine. Hire me to help you buy a better couch.

I don’t consider a painting to be finished until I feel like I can look at it for hours and still be captivated by the emotions it provokes in me. I paint light and its absence.  I am an entirely self-taught contemporary American artist.

I live in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I have been painting since the age of ten. While I have worked in watercolor, acrylic, and oils, my current and favorite medium is oil because of its vibrancy of color and its technical difficulty. The subjects of my paintings are large in scope. I am fascinated by bold colors and the interplay of light with dark upon the human face and form and in and upon the water. I enjoy paintings that are technically complex. 

A special characteristic of my work is the unbridled play with different intensities of reflected or refracted light, and with cast shadows. My compositions are bold. Often, they intentionally blur the line between reality and abstraction. I use light and shadow to convey warmth and cold, motion and silence, and a wide range of emotion. I prefer to paint beyond the distraction of what is conspicuous, and to draw attention to what is easily overlooked.

I have both exhibited and sold paintings in Colorado and Pennsylvania. I expect to open a studio/gallery in Lake Oswego in 2019.

You can email me at, or call me at 484.885.6942.  I accept commissions and I will provide pricing for the pieces displayed on my site.

Paul Roemer
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