Pat Farr

The challenge of watercolor is exciting, memorizing, and all consuming. The beautiful clear colors that play unexpectedly on my paper is golden to me.

My journey started as a sickly child, I spent most of my days on the couch with my mother looking after me. She brought me paper and pencil, pens, paints to play with. She was a gifted sketcher in her own right. She taught me how to see and draw and I even won an all-district 1st Grade art contest!

For 5 years, I painted American Folk Art with acrylics and I have several projects/paintings published in those magazines. It was great education of the use of brushes and brush strokes.

I continue to explore and glean information from many sources. I love being an active member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon and all the opportunities it offers. I love being in a group of plein air painters and learning to be flexible in that arena, too.

Pat Farr
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