Marcia Morrow

"My husband and I live in Sandy, Oregon. The beautiful Pacific Northwest has much to offer artists and creating art has been central to my life.  I worked as a nurse and clinic manager for many years.
When I retired, I decided to study watercolor.  Watercolor has been a fun and challenging way to express my creativity. With every painting, I learn more about design, color theory, balance and how to bring energy and life to my paintings. To develop my style of painting, I have committed to paint a painting a week. All of my paintings are from photos that I have taken. I have been a photographer for many years.
I’m a member of Watercolor Society of Oregon, Wy’East Artisans Guild and serve on several art boards. I volunteer with the Sandy library helping kids to enjoy all forms of art and to explore their creativity.  I also coordinate the Wy’East Actors Gallery at the Sandy Actors Theater for their plays.
I sincerely hope that you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them. Let the painting evoke an emotion in you as you study them."
Marcia Morrow
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