Luann McGreevey

Luann was busy raising 4 children for many years but as they got into school, she found time to enjoy golf, skiing, sewing, knitting and painting.  But the one talent of Luann’s that produced treasures to be passed down for generations was her ability to paint beautiful watercolors.
Then, in the mid 1990’s, Luann lost vision in one eye due to Macular Degeneration. Over the years, the other eye also begin to deteriorate. Along with Luann’s failing vision came a feeling of dread that she would lose her independence. And just as distressing was her fear that she would also lose her ability to continue painting.
In 2001, while living in Rancho Mirage, California, Luann went to the Braille Institute’s regional center where she took classes to master the skills and techniques necessary to navigate safely and confidently through her daily routine at home and around her neighborhood. But it was the creative art classes that really raised her spirits and self-confidence. With the encouragement of her former art teacher – as well as the creative arts teacher and volunteer staff at the Braille Institute, Luann learned how she could continue to paint using technology to magnify her work. So while looking in one direction at a screen, while her hands went another direction, she continued to create beautiful watercolors – many of which the Braille Institute made into greeting cards and sold to raise money for their cause.

Luann McGreevey
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