Joyce Shields

"My art reflects two of my loves…the words and imagery of the Hebrew bible and the beauty and grace of our natural world." *scroll down to see paintings. 

About Joyce: "I was born July 26, 1941 in Portland Oregon and have lived here my entire life.  My father was an artist and focused on detailed renderings of historic houses and buildings.  He encouraged me from a very early age to express myself through art.

After high school I attended the four year art school program at the Portland Museum Art School and obtained my associate degree in fine arts in 1960.  I then went on to complete a bachelor degree in fine arts from Portland State University.  Upon finishing art school, I took the position of Director of Cultural Arts at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center.  During the years that followed, I supervised a program of art, ,music, dance and theater in which I taught many of the art classes for both children and adults.

In 1972 I adopted my daughter, Sherry.  We were the first adoption by a single, non-relative person in Oregon.  Several years later I adopted a second child, my son Richard.  During these years I realized that raising  two children was financially very difficult – especially when working in the arts – so I returned to school at Mt. Hood Community College and earned an associate degree in Physical Therapy.  I worked in that field until 1998.

During the years from 1977 until 1998 I spent many weeks each year crewing aboard the schooner Adventuress and leading 10 day to 2 week long sea kayaking trips, travelling by ship from Seattle northward and kayaking the Northwest coast of Vancouver Island, BC."

In the spring of 1998 I was seriously injured in an automobile accident and spent nearly four months in the hospital.  There followed a long period of recovery.  Due to my injuries I was no longer able to work in Physical Therapy so, once again I returned to school at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  I earned my Master Degree in 2002, worked in the field until 2008, then spent two years working on an advanced degree in that field.  I graduated with my Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree in 2010, just two weeks past my 69th birthday.

During those final years of school I lost my son and some years later, my daughter.  There followed many years of deep sorrow and I buried myself in my studies and my work in medicine.  I closed the doors to my studio and did not produce any art for 10 years.  But time heals the heart and about three years ago I began painting again.  Looking back in time I began to paint the sea as I and my children had experienced it so many years ago.  Three years ago I had my first showing of my art in several decades.  I titled it, “Memories of a Northern Sea”.

My art reflects two of my loves…the words and imagery of the Hebrew bible and the beauty and grace of our natural world.
The paintings and the Hebrew passages that many contain are drawn from my life long study of Judaism and the Hebrew language.  These pieces depict the colors and textures of the ancient landscapes of the land of Israel.  Some contain passages in Hebrew drawn from Biblical sources and rendered in various ways, including collage.

I also paint my memories of the many years I spent sailing aboard the schooner Adventuress, sea kayaking , and exploring the northern shores of Vancouver Island and the islands and waters with life abounding of our Northwestern sea."

Joyce E. Shields

Joyce Shields
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