Janiece Rustin

In keeping with her childlike inclinations, Janiece Rustin's artistic style can be described as "intuitive" and "unpredictable". She is a self-taught artist whose process is indifferent to her  medium.
Janiece begins and ends each art piece in one sitting, drawing direction from a single question posed at the start. The resulting art represents the answer. Her "call and response" approach, which is rooted in a meditative state that can take up to 10+ hours, has evolved over the years to include a variety of mediums (oil, acrylic, wood, and paper). She is now found exploring new mediums, her new favorite being wood and ash.
Mixing creativity with ambition, Janiece opened Styloid Process Gallery, a small boutique art gallery in Portland, Oregon, in 2011. The fullfillment of a lifelong entreprenuerial dream, Janiece was thrilled to support, promote and encourage other artists in their craft. Monthly art walks, and private shows kept the energy and inspiration high for all. At that same time she worked in marketing and graphic design. More recently she has focused on supporting people as a third-party art fundraiser. She comes to Mt. Hood Art Online with nearly 2 decades of experience as an artist and active creator and is thrilled by the opportunity to create along side other talented and community minded artists.
Janiece Rustin
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