Janet Lucking

"Having been introduced to art at an early age by my mother, I’ve been drawing and creating art for most of my life. I enjoy the challenges encountered while learning basic and advanced techniques in pencil, acrylic, pastel and water color. It’s always given me great pleasure to expand my horizons using newly acquired skills.
Art is a creative adventure in which the limitations on media or subject matter are few, whether it’s capturing the peaceful calm of a still-life or depicting the abstract tension in a political opinion. I relish the excitement resulting from the freedom of letting my imagination run unbridled, thus creating images that express a mood, provoke a dialogue or tell a story.
As one fine artist amongst the many, I endeavor to stand out by using imaginatively conceptualized and realistically portrayed subject matter, created with the technical experience gained in a lifetime of composing, drawing and painting. By mixing and layering my media and careful use of colors, my flexibility to illustrate my intentions is greatly increased. 
Craft, composition, creativity and content are the primary guides in creating my art."

Janet Lucking 2017
Janet Lucking
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