Becky Jacob

Becky Jacob

Born and raised in Oregon, Becky Jacob developed a love for art early on, and started painting in grade school—some of it submitted to art fairs.  This love carried on through high school and into college—where Becky attended the art institute of Seattle and Mt Hood Community College.

Watercolors came to be Becky’s mainstay in her 30s, and from then on, have remained the primary medium for her art pieces.  Landscapes and nature have been the main focus of her art; however Becky also delights in freeform experimentation with the medium, and revels in the discovery that emerges when she is simply having fun, trying new techniques when applying paint to paper.

Living at the foothills of Mt Hood for the last 21 years has been a constant muse for the artist. A scenic drive, or even just a glance outside her back door can yield no end of inspiration. The artist believes that she is lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Becky’s journey as an artist has only begun, and she welcomes the growth and skill she will gain as she practices her art.

Becky lives with her husband, two wolf mix dogs and two horses near the Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon.

“I love that the gift of art inspires the imagination, fosters friendships, tells stories, and touches the hearts of both the artist and the viewer.”

Becky Jacob
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